Ellimac Productions

ELLIMAC PRODUCTIONS is a production company that develops and produces original formats focused on humour and entertainment such as Et Alors ?, Welcome Back, Stereo Club, Camille & Images, Family Feud…

Built around Camille Combal’s writing, humor and hosting talent, the company’s objective is to open up a new avenue for comedy writing and create new codes in TV shows aimed at a very broad audience.

At a time when TV shows and platforms are multiplying on a daily basis, ELLIMAC aims at becoming a major player in the creation of new TV content for both linear media and platforms such as podcasts or the GAFA. Everything is open. The game room has no walls.

Constantly looking for novelty and authenticity, the company’s DNA is to create an unprecedented closeness between the host and his viewers.

ELLIMAC is a space of artistic freedom and an audiovisual laboratory.