Une Famille en Or

Guess who is taking over “Family Feud” in France ? It’s Camille Combal! New set, new host, new questions… The only things that don’t change are the title and the gameplay !

Humor, pre-recorded funny segments, unexpected questions from time to time, TF1 has chosen Camille and his teams to completely reboot this iconic gameshow in collaboration with Fremantle.

In each episode, Camille Combal welcomes two families who will try everything to win the amount of money at stake! Up to 100 000 euros could be won by one of the families, if they guess correctly what the French panel has previously answered to Camille Combal’s fun and quirky questions.

« Family Feud » aka “Une Famille en Or” is back on TF1! And out of 100 French people contacted, 104 answered that they were impatient to watch it!

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