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The Agency

Founded in 2016, We Events is a digital marketing agency co-founded by Wesley Nakache and Ron Boccara. The agency is now part of the AWPG Group and has more than 200 exclusive influencers. The We Events team currently has more than 20 people remaining at your disposal to help you set up your targeted advertising campaigns in influence marketing.

“Today more than a third of the world’s population is present on social networks and the number of active users is constantly increasing. Did you know, for example, that nine out of ten people trust a brand message from a friend or influencer?”


We Events helps brands develop their communication strategies and action plans on different social networks.


We Events accompany customer’s communication strategy and ensures that a targeted communication plan is effectively implemented.


We Events produces video and photos dedicate to social networks to boost customer’s marketing strategy and to increase sales.

The celebrities represented by We Events use their media exposure to highlight its customer’s products.

Our influencers
All of our talents put all their know-how at the service of your brand in order to develop it and to improve the visibility of your products or services via their respective social networks.

We Events is fortunate to be able to offer you more than 200 exclusive influencers all different from each other.
* Reality TV
* Moms
* Bloggers
* Humorists 2.0

Some figures
+ 200 influencers
+ 250 satisfied customers
65 million followers in all influence accounts combined
45 million views on Snapchat all influencers accounts combined
40 million views on Instagram Story across all influencer accounts
Distributed over a population category ranging from 15 to 45 years of age.

+ 35% = reach (target audience) after developing a social network campaign
+ 30% = traffic brought to your social networks thanks to a campaign carried out on your social networks
+ 20% = commitment brought (increase of followers) on your social networks, acquisition of visibility

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