Our Partners

What our trusted partners say about us

For nearly four years, we have entrusted our influencer strategy to the We Events agency. Their expertise, wise advice and know-how have enabled us to reach a wider and more varied clientele. Wesley and his teams have accompanied us throughout the transformation of our business and have been able to understand the market and its evolution. Thank you!

AuFeminin team


Always attentive to our needs, the We Events team has distinguished itself by providing us with so many new opportunities. Their objective is to help us succeed in our communication strategy and thus in the development of our brand. After two wonderful years of collaboration with them, we of course wish to continue on the same path.

The Pin Up Secret team


With We Events, we have found partners who are 100% involved with our own teams. Always attentive to the performance of our campaigns, they have been with us for two years and continue working efficiently and profitably on our client acquisition campaigns.

Le Petit Lunetier team


Investing 100% in our brand development project through influence marketing, We Events accompanies and advises us in order to improve and develop all our action plans on social networks. We are happy to have them on our side. Thank you for all your hard work!

Lola’s dressing room team