Serenity Films

Created in 2006 by Arthur ESSEBAG, Serenity Films Company is a movie production company whose activities include feature and short films, as well as film exploitation, distribution, film buying, rental, film screening and marketing.

The firm produced the film Cyprien in 2008 with Elie Semoun, Catherine Deneuve, Léa Drucker, Laurent Stocker, and Vincent Desagnat among its cast. It was directed by David Charhon, written by Elie Semoun, Romain Levy and Benjamin Guedj, and had box office ticket sales of 700,000.

It also produced the comedy Les Tuche in 2010 in collaboration with Pathé and Eskwad. The film starred Jean-Paul Rouve, Isabelle Nanty, and Claire Nadeau, was directed by Olivier Baroux, scripted by Philippe Mechelen, and featured dialogues by Chantal Lauby. It had box office ticket sales of 1.5 million.