Les Tuche

In Bouzolles, everybody knows the Tuche family. Jeff, Cathy and their three children survive on resourcefulness. They all respect the Tuche motto – “Man was not made to work” – and try hard to be happy despite their cruel lack of income. They are set in their ways and are woefully unprepared when major disruption comes knocking. They suddenly become very, very rich after winning a fortune on the EuroMillions lottery.

If they have to change their lives then why not change their home while they’re at it? Cathy has always dreamed of Monaco, so Monaco it is.

But Monaco is not Bouzolles, and settling in, and being accepted, in the super wealthy Mediterranean micro-state might not be that simple, even with a massive amount of cash in the bank. Can the Tuche change their way of life and stay true to themselves? It’s not easy, but the game is far from over for the feckless family with hearts of gold.

They’ll have to get accepted, to integrate their new homeland, to change their habits without changing their feelings. The game is not done for that family whom motto is « Tuche pour un, Un pour Tuche ». (« As for One, One for Tuche »).

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