Starling, previously a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television, joined Satisfaction Group in 2020.

Starling is specialized in the production of non-scripted shows  to major French broadcasters with a strong focus on adapting formats owned or created by the Sony group ecosystem.

• Its programming spans a diverse set of genres, mainly gameshows for all programming slots, but also factual entertainment and reality series with a strong focus on Sony owned newly created & library formats adaptations.
• Company has an excellent track record in the French market and keep its programs on air on the very long term.
• Through its format local adaptation track record, the company has been able to build a significant library of French speaking TV programs, some of which have been used as the worldwide reference for foreign territories adaptations.

  • 20 + titles in French library
  • 3+ major broadcasting partners
  • 5700 hrs + of programs in French library
  • Content distributed by Sony Pictures Televisions

Amongst its large catalogue of productions, hit formats are ranging from prime times “Who wants to be a millionaire?”, “Brainiest” to late night “Who wants to mary my son?” passing by daily access prime times “Pyramide”, “Win Your Wish List” .