Le Grand Concours des Animateurs

Laurence Boccolini has gathered around her 20 media personalities for The great contest of animators. Which of these key media personalities will win the coveted trophy of the Grand Concours des Animateurs? A great evening of laughter, general culture and full of surprises in store!

Adapted from the UK Celador format “Brainiest” dedicated to children.

The French show expanded the format from kids to celebrities. Several themes have been used over the years, the main one being around TV hosts with “Le Grand Concours des Animateurs”. Lately, a second recurring major theme arose with Stand up comedians.

  • Host: Carole Rousseau (2002-2018) / Laurence Boccolini (2018 to date)
  • Executive Producer: Franck Marty
  • Producer: Laurence Jomand
  • Years of production: 2002 – 2019 (currently on air on TF1 and ongoing production)

New Host Laurence Boccolini brought the program back to the top:
Show #1 – Saturday September 22nd 2018
Ind 4+: 21,8% 3,5M viewers

HW < 50 (FRDA 15-49): 28,8% 608K viewers Show #2 – Saturday January 5th 2019
Ind 4+: 20,2% 3,8M viewers
HW < 50 (FRDA 15-49): 23,4% 600K viewers Show #2 – Friday February 1st 2019

Ind 4+: 17% 3,2M viewers (against FTV Rugby France Wales – 6th nation tournament…) (Rank #2)
HW < 50 (FRDA 15-49): 19,5% 533K viewers (leader)

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