Camille & Images

Like everyone else, Camille Combal has been confined for months and he took the opportunity to watch everything! TV, Web, social networks, foreign TV, he didn’t miss a show!

He has selected the best of all this content and for nearly 2 hours, in the company of his guests: Artus, Lola Dubini, Hakim Jemili, Philippe Lellouche and Clara Luciani, Camille Combal welcomes you to his Video Club, for a popcorn evening with friends.

Through different categories, viewers will discover the worst and the best of the politicians, those who have an incredible talent, but not enough to make Incroyable talent, or the actors that we will never see at the Oscars amongst many other things 

At the end of each theme, Camille will show us the funniest image, considered the best of the best of the category!

In each show, the guests will vote for their favorite image. During the lockdown, Camille Combal watched everything! Nothing escaped him! So settle in, he takes care of everything… even ordering the pizzas!

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