District Storie’Z

An original format with over a million views!

The facetious butler of District Z will tell you the stories of the iconic places that have forged the legend of District Z.
This funny and zany character will tell you five stories that will make you shudder!
Do you have strong nerves and a strong heart?!

  • Meroe or the Carnage of the Sarcophagus
    After years of research and millions of dollars spent, Professor Z has finally found the tomb of the powerful Egyptian witch Meroe.
    Valentin, a scientist on Professor Z’s team, is tasked with placing Meroe’s sarcophagus in “The Crypt,” where she will rest for eternity.
    But his mission doesn’t stop there, he must also take a sample of the mummy so that Professor Z can study it.
    A mission that will turn out to be more complicated than expected…


  • Setbacks at the Manor
    Divisional Commissioner MEULIN and Chief Warrant Officer MEULAR go to Professor Z’s mansion to investigate a mysterious disappearance…
    On the spot, it is the distressing head housekeeper, Hildegarde, who will guide them through the maze of corridors of the gloomy manor!
    Will they pierce the mystery of the disappearances?


  • Vertigo Hell
    The Vertigo Hotel is in a state of turmoil. We welcome a seminar of about twenty people.
    These people all have two things in common:
    – They are in good health
    – But they are desperately short of money.
    For the sake of money, they all agree to come and stay at the Hotel Vertigo for a tidy sum. But what will they get in return? What will Professor Z do to them?
    Will they discover why there is only the elevator shaft left in this cursed hotel?
    Warning: Everything is wrong that ends wrong


  • The World in the Catacombs
    Benjamin Bukowsky arrives at Professor Z’s mansion where he has been hired as a cook.
    He is received by Chef Loyon who challenges him to prepare a mayonnaise.
    It’s time for the cook to roll up his sleeves and get to work!
    Chopper, knives…Professor Z’s kitchen is full of danger!


  • Fallen in the Field of Horror
    After a chemical explosion in an area now known as DISTRICT Z, the army has no news of the “Paradise Section”, which was assigned to secure the area and take care of the injured.
    In order to find them, the army sends the “Dreadfull Company”, the worst elite commando of the armed forces with a sulphurous reputation, specialized in secret governmental operations.
    But what will they find in this devastated area?
    Will they survive the onslaught of creatures from District Z?
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