Y’a pas d’erreur ?

No, Rio is not the capital of Brazil!

No, we don’t write “trough” but through!

In Y a pas d’erreur, Alex Goude plays with 3 pairs of candidates who will have to identify the mistakes everybody does.

Numbers, grammar, spelling or even music, the candidates will need to use all their knowledge to find those mistakes.

Alex Goude will help us not to repeating them thanks to his mnemonic tips!

In three rounds, each pair (two friends, a couple, two cousins, a father and son, colleagues, etc.) must agree and say “Error!” or “There’s no error!” when the host says, for example, that a spider has eight legs.

About numbers in the first round, language in the second and sound statements in round three, the candidates will try to win the most points to get to the final, in which they have to answer correctly to 10 statements in less than 100 seconds, to possibly leave with 2 000€!