Un Flirt Et Une Danse

Remember that time when the carefree spirit and the desire to share, to laugh and to meet people happened on the dance floor.
Dancing was then a way to meet, to understand each other, to love each other and to escape with the other for a night and sometimes even for a lifetime! And then the generations changed and the search for love became virtual almost impersonal. But more and more, in the period we are going through, the French express the need for more proximity, exchanges and authentic and warm human contacts.

What if we revived the magic of this dance floor? For the occasion, we decided to gather men and women on this famous dance floor in order to make them relive these moments of laughter, joy… and why not of love meeting.
Singles aged from 23 to 80 years old agreed to live a unique experience! Meet a man or a woman, without having ever seen each other, without exchanging a word, only by sharing a dance… Will they find love?
They all rehearsed for hours, with professional dancers, to be ready for the big night. Overwhelmed by stress but filled with hope, they will discover the emotion of a first dance, a first meeting, under the benevolent gaze of Faustine.

Opposite them, three privileged personalities will witness this magical moment: Sheila, Elodie Frégé and Agustín Galiana.
For the singles, only one thing really matters: that this moment triggers a mutual desire. So will the magic happen? Will this first dance trigger a mutual desire to meet again?
At the end of their dance, they will have to decide if this meeting is perhaps the beginning of a love story or simply the desire to get to know each other better. They will have to make a choice.

Thrills…Magic…Tears…Love…And of course, dancing!

A tender, positive and feel-good show!

Welcome to “Un Flirt Et Une Danse”.

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