Time To Love


5 single women will be taking part in a unique love experiment in a place cut off from the world, where they will have just 100 hours to find love blind!

Today, on dating apps, it takes us an average of 5 seconds to choose a profile that matches us, based solely on looks: this prevents any in-depth discovery of partners who could have been a good match for us.

In this new and original TV format created in France, the “Time to Love” experience has been designed to offer women who are embarking on a sincere and serious process a unique experience that breaks with current codes.
Thanks to “IA”, the Love Intelligence that will guide them throughout their stay, nothing will be left to chance to enable them to create real love connections!

They will have access to an extraordinary device: a gigantic Wheel made up of 8 “cabins” in which 8 men are hidden, with whom they will talk blindly in a given time. At each stage of the experiment, the Love Intelligence will guide them and ask them to select the partners (common to all) with whom they wish to continue the experiment and turn off the cabins of those with whom they have not felt any chemistry.

The wheel of love, where single women will talk blindly for up to 2 hours with several potential partners in common.

The choices will sometimes be painful, because as soon as a single woman switches off a booth, she will no longer be able to get in touch with that partner…
Conversely, complex love triangles will sometimes form if several women from the same experience make connections with the same partner…

To find love, each woman has a time credit of 100 hours and not a minute more, spread over different Wheels of Love and romantic dates.

To help them make their choices and guide them in their time management, a new space will be unlocked with each new phase:

– In Phase 1, the “VERBAL Dimension”, they will have access to the Wheel, the space for blind discussions, where they will get to know the men solely through the sound of their voices.

– In Phase 2, the “SENSORY Dimension”, they will have access to the Dark Room, where they can use all their senses except sight to deepen their connections with their partners…

– In Phase 3, the “PHYSICAL Dimension”, they will have access to the Studio, the space for physical encounters where revelations will be as surprising as they are unexpected…

– In Phase 4, the “REAL Dimension”, the bachelorettes and their two favourite suitors will all get to know each other physically and live together to find out whether the bonds forged during the experiment stand up to reality. Will they have made the right choice? Can physical discovery be an obstacle?

Each new phase will increase the intensity of the experiment, allowing them to deepen their relationships or shake their certainties…

At the end of the experiment, each single person will have to decide which partner they would like to leave the experiment with and officially become a couple on the outside.

Will the partner agree to leave the experiment with her?

Will they manage to find love blindly and in just 100 hours?

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