Tanis : l’énigme des pharaons d’argent

The lost city of Tanis, in Egypt, was popularized in the very first adventures of Indiana Jones, in 1981. In this unpublished documentary rich in the testimonies of many experts, we will tell you what is the real and incredible story behind the myth conveyed by Steven Spielberg’s film. In the Nile delta, in Tanis, the French archaeologist Pierre Montet unearths a whole necropolis forgotten for three millennia and an invaluable treasure: six tombs, 13 burials, 6 of which are intact.

Two silver coffins unique in the world and dozens of marvels are unearthed and will provide precious secrets about two hitherto little known Egyptian dynasties. But the Second World War is raging and the extraordinary discovery goes unnoticed. Eighty years later, thanks to rare archives and documents, the 3D reconstruction of the site and the participation of the most competent Egyptologists on the question, discover the incredible story of the lost pharaohs of Tanis.