Sous-Marin Nucléaire : Déconstruction XXL

The flagship of the nuclear deterrent for 40 years, the nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine “L’Indomptable” has reached the end of its life. The final stage of its remarkable career is its dismantlement. This high-risk world premiere is currently happening in Cherbourg, in tank number 5.
The Indomptable is a colossus of the seas: 6,000 tons, 120 meters long, 12 meters in diameter, with four levels in its central part. This titanic construction site is the perfect combination of human know-how and high technology, which are essential to dismantle one of the most complex weapons in the world. To meet this ultimate challenge, more than sixty men and women will work night and day to cut up this steel monster.
What tools and techniques are used? Which difficulties are encountered? What challenges do the teams face? How do they deal with toxic materials such as asbestos and lead dust? Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at the deconstruction of a nuclear submarine.