There’s not much going on in Anne-Lise’s life. Between her precarious job as a birthday party hostess, her growing bachelorhood and her ex-husband, who is perfectly happy with his new wife, Anne-Lise is at her wits’ end.
Fortunately, Anne-Lise is also the mother of Tycia, her 13-year-old daughter, for whom she fights every day not to lose custody and, above all, to instil in her daughter the values of respect, empathy and tenacity.
One day, a dramatic event shatters her daily grind: the death of her father, Simon. Simon ran a funeral parlour in her home town in the provinces… but she was put off by the profession, had grown apart from him over the years and no longer spoke to him…
As she goes to bury him, she realises that her father has left her a rather special legacy: the task of taking over the family business. As much as she doesn’t want the job, could it be the solution to all her problems? Or could it be the start of real trouble?