Profession détectives

Far from the glamour associated with James Bond, the job of “private investigator” is a profession where the unknown and adventure reign supreme.

And you probably don’t know it, but you may have already been their target…

Today they are employed by private individuals but also by banks, lawyers, insurance companies or even bailiffs in ever more varied missions: fraud, search for missing persons, breach of trust, fraud, criminal counter-investigation, adultery…

Their day-to-day work consists of providing evidence.

Their report at the end of the mission is receivablein all courts of law.

In search of clues, they investigate day and night, track, stalk, spy, infiltrate, and invent lives.

Each of them has his own methods, his quirks, his specialities.

In Profession Détectives, you will discover the secret world of private investigators.


In Profession Détectives, 6 detectives invite the viewers into their secret daily lives and into the heart of their thrilling investigations:


Ludovic Humbert:

Private detective for 6 years in the Nice area. An expert in new technologies, he investigates all kinds of cases. At first, Ludovic was destined to become a bailiff. In search of adrenaline, he preferred to turn to a job that was much more exciting to him: private detective!


Julie Catalifaud:

Julie is one of the few female private investigators in France.

Based in the Paris region for the past 10 years, her strong point is that she blends in like a chameleon.

Trained as a lawyer, it was when she was about to take the bar exam to become a lawyer that she changed her mind and went for this atypical profession.


Fabrice Brault :

Private investigator for 25 years.

DNA analysis is his specialty and he mainly searches for missing persons.

Always on the lookout for the slightest detail, methodical and meticulous, he has solved nearly 5000 cases throughout his career!


Christian Pascuito :

Christian is the typical private detective from the South of France !

For more than 20 years, this former company director has become a real adventurer. He has seen it all, experienced it all, and has been on missions back-to-back behind the wheel of his second home: his over-equipped van.


Pascal Bonnet :

He has been the king of infiltration for 33 years.

For him, being a private investigator is much more than a job, it’s a vocation.

His passion for investigations began in childhood, and he went on to study criminology. His strong point: untie tongues to obtain all the clues and bring back irrefutable proof.


Thomas Peyret:

Thomas has been a private detective for ten years in the Lyon area.

Empathetic and sensitive with his clients, his personal journey leads him to stop at nothing to obtain the truth.

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