My Story : le mariage de Jazz et Laurent

We bring you Jazz and Laurent’s incredible wedding. Jazz, the iconic candidate of La Villa Des Coeurs Brisés, has married the man of her dreams. And as with all the great events of her life, she has decided to share him with you.

MYTF1 cameras captured the essence of two magical days in order to share with you this unique moment. In a villa worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales, wth a fabulous view over the bay of Cannes, you can experience the entire 48 hours that turned their lives upside down. Watch the final preparations, fittings and choice of dress, the writing of speeches, her last night as an unmarried woman, but also the intimate moments shared with Chelsea, her daughter, her mother, her sister and her friends. For better or for worse, in this exclusive programme, we invite you to dive behind the scenes of this incredible event.

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