Mentalistes dans la tête des stars

Tonight, forget about all that you have already seen and let yourself go through the incredible universe of mentalism.

Forget about everything you think you know and abandon yourself to the incredible universe of mentalism.

Our host welcomes the most talented mentalist of his generation, Viktor Vincent.

Using his mastery of telepathy and the arts of prediction and clairvoyance, Viktor will dazzle celebrities in a performance that is not about magic tricks or illusions but about real experiences.

Mystery, humour, and interactivity are on the cards in this extraordinary show, and viewers at home can also play along during the incredible performances.

Tonight Viktor Vincent takes control of your TV, and your mind.


Primetime on TF1 :
Episode 1 : 3,1 million viewers, 23% housewives, 30% 4-14, 25% 15-24 and 24% 15-34

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