If Central America is the cradle of Mayan civilization, the Yucatan Peninsula in southern Mexico can be considered the receptacle of its final hours. At the tip of this peninsula, three cities witnessed the end of the Mayan era: Coba, which remained a major cultural and religious site until the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors; Mayapan, the last great capital of the Mayans; and finally Tulum, considered the very last inhabited city, since it was not deserted until the 16th century.
Renowned for their skills and knowledge in fields as varied as astronomy, mathematics, agriculture and art in all its forms, the Maya people disappeared, taking many of their secrets with them.

While many questions remain unanswered, more scientists than ever before are studying these ruins. Thanks to new technologies and experimental archaeology, they are constantly advancing their knowledge of this fascinating civilization. Yet only 5% of the sites discovered have been excavated. What do Tulum, Mayapan and Coba tell us about the final hours of the Mayan era?
From the Caribbean coast to the heart of the Yucatan jungle, discover the secrets of the last Mayan cities over a thousand years ago!

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