Les Touristes

The Tourists is the first comedy/ adventure show on TV

Six celebrities have accepted our host’s invitation to go on a dream vacation in the countryside. At least, that is what they thought they were doing…

The first episode is set in one of the most exotic French wildlife parks, where our six  “tourists” discover a fascinating world in which they must give their all to meet the challenges they are set. They will share the daily lives of vets at the park and go through moments of intense emotion interspersed with lots of laughter.

Part of their challenge is to collect items related to their new universe in order to receive a special diploma, and they must also try to leave a mark showing that they were here by naming a newborn animal.

An adventure that our six good-for-nothings will never forget!


Primetime on TF1

Episode 1 : 3,6 millions viewers, 15% 4+, 22% housewives, 27% among 4 to 14 y.o and 25% among 15 to 24 y.o
Episode 2 : 2,7millions viewers and 22% housewives.
Episode 3 Police Academy : Leader of the evening 2.7 million viewers, 17.1% pda on the 4+ and 30.2% on housewives. 2nd half of the evening: 1.9 million viewers, 24.9% of the 4+ and 37.6% of the housewives.
Episode 4 Firefighting missions :Huge hit on TF1 PT: large leader that night, 3,5 million viewers, 31% on the commercial target (and 38% on late night !).

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