Les Rois Élus


From de Gaulle to Sarkozy, the Fifth Republic told through the intimacy of the presidents who embodied it, closer to their psychology.
From the return of the “most illustrious Frenchman” to the renunciation of François d’Hollande, from the Evian agreements to COP 21, from the Markovic affair to Mazarine Pingeot, from the suicide of Beregovoy to the Cahuzac affair, from the Petit-Clamart attack to the Benalla scandal, all the little stories join the big one.
The Fifth Republic is often described as the best example of a republican monarchy. The French also have the right to their The Crown, a The Crown interspersed with dialogues that hit Audiard style, so much the French political eloquence has erected the repartee and the little phrase that kills into art.
Since 1958, French issues have not changed much: what is France’s place in the concert of nations? How to perpetuate the French model and its cultural exception? How to manage the slow rise of the far right? How to stay in power and how to safeguard the institutions?
By highlighting the scandals, anecdotes and intimacy of 60 years of French political life, it is both the continuity of the State and the reality of the exercise of power between the gold of the Élysée Palace and a sometimes minefield that are revealed in a modern, pop and exciting series that does not refuse comedy when it participates in revealing the colorful backstage of power.