La JLC Family : Season 3

The JLC Family : A New Beginning

The JLC Family is back for a third series on TFX. At stake this time for Jazz, Laurent, Chelsea and Cayden: setting up a new life in Dubai!

While series 2 ended abruptly with Cayden having an accident, it’s time to check in on the JLC Family. This season, Jazz, Laurent, Cayden and Chelsea are making a fresh start to put behind them what was the biggest scare of their lives. The little family has decided to move on by moving abroad! However, this move will not be without a few surprises along the way… Seconds after dropping their luggages and true to their selves, the family plans a house-warming party according to their tastes : it needs to be festive and luxurious!

Family and friends will be gathered around the JLC Family. Surrounded by Eva, Jazz’s sister, SissiK, Laurent’s best friend, and Martika, Hillary and Liam, Jazz’s closest friends, this party is sure to be lively and successful. However, it’s not only the glamourous new home of the JLC Family that will attract the conversation: Sandra, Jazz’s mother and Papy Billio could very well have some great news of their own to share… After a few weeks, once the dust settles, it’s back to everyday life for the JLC Family even if it’s in another part of the world. The sun cannot prevent the routine and the fights between lovers to happen…

Season 3 of the JLC Family “A New Beginning” on air from Monday, January 4th 2021 at 4pm on TFX and at 5pm from Tuesday, January 5th 2021 on.

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