La grande soirée du pouvoir d’achat

Purchasing power is now the number one concern of the French.

This exceptional evening proposes 6 concrete solutions to save, negotiate and lower the bill on all the items of our budget, from food to energy, including fuel, clothing, insurance and various internet and mobile subscriptions. We have travelled all over France to meet clever consumers and entrepreneurs who have found solutions to improve their purchasing power and will share them with families to help them reduce their expenses. With these solutions, La grande soirée du pouvoir d’achat promises a total gain of more than 6,000 euros per year for an average family!

Food: reduce your budget by 30% while eating a balanced diet

Purchasing power gain: 1,800 euros per year.
In the Bordeaux region, Leslie has become a virtuoso in the art of making the most of the many promotional offers from retailers and other “cashback” operations. At the cost of a military organization, she has reduced her food budget from 600… to 60 euros per month! All the while eating a balanced diet and limiting waste as much as possible thanks to a meticulous management of her menus. Today, Leslie is going to teach her tips to a family of four that finds itself in the red every month. An investigation by Jessica Bertaux.

Insurance, subscriptions: renegotiate everything!
Gain purchasing power: 500 euros per year
Insurance, internet and mobile packages, platform subscriptions… All these contracts that add up are weighing more and more heavily on household budgets. And yet there have never been so many opportunities to reduce the amount of these contracts by using competition. Companies such as “” or “ideel” offer to renegotiate all your contracts downwards on your behalf. How do they do it? As for the 10 million households that have a mortgage, they can also reduce their monthly payments by renegotiating their loan insurance. An investigation by Lucie Lemétais.

Car: cut back on fuel costs!
Gain in purchasing power: 800 euros per year
While three quarters of daily trips are made by car, the increase in the price of fuel weighs heavily on budgets. One solution: adapt the engine of your car to bioethanol, which is sold for an average of 80 cents a liter! In Bayonne, we accompanied a family ready to try the experience, to reduce their fuel expenses which cost them 500 € per month. And to further reduce the bill, the youtuber Anthony Perrier, king of car tips, also taught them the art of driving economically, with 10% additional savings at stake. An investigation by Claire Delfini.

Consumption: buy, but above all sell!
Gain in purchasing power: 1,500 euros per year
Today, the second-hand market is worth 7 billion euros, and some “consumers” have become resale experts. Like Sarah Bossut, a single mother who lives in the suburbs of Strasbourg and manages to significantly improve her income by juggling with second-hand resale websites. Sarah is going to teach her techniques to a family in the Paris region whose cellar is filled with objects accumulated over the years. An investigation by Julie Martin.

Energy: heat better, spend less, buy together!
Gain in purchasing power: 400 euros per year
At the beginning of the school year, the French were unpleasantly surprised to see the price of gas soar: + 54% on average. An increase that should eventually follow electricity. What can be done to counter this increase in energy prices? New players such as Ecojoko, Hellowatt or Lite offer personalized support to better choose your supplier but also to better manage your consumption, by identifying the areas of your house that are less well insulated or the appliances that consume too much. Some “consum’actors” also take things into their own hands by organizing group purchases of energy themselves. In Brittany, Véronique, a 63-year-old retiree, buys heating oil on behalf of dozens of consumers and manages to obtain discounts of 10%! An investigation by Farah Safieddine.

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