The battle of the clans

For the first time in the history of reality TV, two famous clans will clash!

On one side, the JLC FAMILY, led by its two clan leaders: Jazz and Laurent. On the other, the GUEDJs, headed by Carla and Kevin.
Two families that everything seems to oppose: Dubai vs Marseille, bling-bling vs camping… and yet!
Our two clans have a lot in common, especially their sense of family and friendship.

Throughout the adventure, their objective was to win the title of best clan in France and to do this, each of them called on their own personal guard.
At the finish line, five members will join their clan to try to win this coveted title.

For several weeks, in Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic, LES GUEDJ and the JLC FAMILY will compete against each other in a series of tests that will call on their physical and mental capacities. The clans will be tested on 8 pillars: Courage, Sacrifice, Loyalty, Brotherhood, Determination, Mystery, and Union.

As for the tests, you will have to win the Arena of Reinforcement at all costs to hope to consolidate your clan with the arrival of a new reinforcement.
On the other hand, in order not to risk losing a member of their clan during the Ceremony, the JLC FAMILY and the GUEDJs will have to give their best during the Decisive Test, with one objective: not to lose!
Loyalty will be put to the test until the end of the adventure, as thanks to the Allegiance, yesterday’s allies can become tomorrow’s enemies… So get ready for many twists and turns!

In this frantic competition over 7000 kilometres from France, love, humour and good humour will punctuate life in the villa.

Each clan will play for the chance to win €20,000 for the association of their choice:
– The GUEDJs support the association “Rêves de gosse” which offers an educational approach based on the acceptance of disability and difference by so-called “ordinary” and “extraordinary” children.
– The JLC FAMILY supports the association “Princesse Margot” which contributes to the accompaniment and support of sick children and their families.

Competition, strategy, betrayal, the nerves of our families will be put to the test…
Will their clan survive the competition?
Under the pressure of the trials, will they be able to stay together?
Which family will be crowned the best clan in France and win €20,000 for the association it supports?

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