Presented by Gaël Leforestier and Sandra Murugiah, Kamikazes is a game that candidates do not necessarily want to win!

Three candidates will spin a wheel to select their event. Each will then have the choice to refuse their challenge, but the most “kamikaze” will play to win a trip to Miami!

To take part in Kamikazes, the candidates must not really be afraid of anything: put a live cockroach on their tongue for 5 seconds, rub it on their whole body, swallow a glass of mustard or enjoy a 10-year-old Camembert, garnished with live maggots… And to win the ultimate test, the finalist will have to defuse a bomb “Jack Bauer style”, by cutting the right wire among the three connected to the detonator. One mistake and the trip to Miami goes up in smoke…

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