Juge Arthur

He’s the best-known presenter in France, and he’s about to become their favourite judge!

In his Magistrate’s robes, Arthur will dispense justice in his own way: with laughter and good humour!

In his comic court, the honourable Judge Arthur will arbitrate real disputes between French people who have come to testify. From neighbourhood quarrels to the biggest love affairs, from scams to family crises, no subject will escape the wisdom of his court!

Real cases, but fake lawyers!

Because these French people, with their very real problems, will be defended by comedians. These comedians know nothing about the law, but they’ll be using all their imagination and madness to defend their cause! And between them, no holds barred!

Tom Villa, Camille Lavabre, Anne-Sophie Girard, Tareek, Antonia de Rendinger, Tanguy Pastureau, Nash and Julien Santini have worked on their cases to deliver hilarious pleadings!

They’ll have to convince the venerable Judge Arthur. Because in this court, where only bad faith rules, France’s funniest magistrate will deliver his verdict, relying on his legendary wisdom. There are no court rulings or sentences here, just advice on how to settle disputes with a laugh. Because sometimes, a good laugh can provide a glimpse of the solutions to the thorniest problems.

Between laughter and emotion, don’t miss “Juge Arthur”, on Friday 24 November at 11.45pm on TF1, the only programme where laughing is not just a right, but a duty!