Game of Clones Au-Delà Des Apparences

We all know what our ideal love partner would look like. But imagine if you get to meet not one but eight candidates who all meet your exact aesthetic criteria. Eight “clones”. In this unique love experiment, only personality can make a difference. The singletons chosen for this special quest for true love will have to go beyond appearances. With the help of brand new technology called Avatar, they first define their physical ideal. From hair colour, to figure, to clothing style, every detail counts in finding the person of their dreams. Every Monday, Aymeric Bonnery will welcome one of the singletons and introduce him or her to eight perfectly similar suitors.

The contestants and the suitors then live together in a sumptuous house for a week. One-on-one meetings, activities, daily life, and eliminations spice up the experiment. The singletons will have to go far beyond appearances to discover the personalities behind these eight ideal physiques. After a week rich in emotion and with Aymeric Bonnery at his or her side, the singleton will have to make his or her choice among the remaining three candidates. But how will they be able to make this impossible decision? Finding love will prove to be a battle of personalities.

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