Franky Zapata, les défis fous de l’homme volant

For nearly ten years Franky Zapata has been working to make his dream a realitý to fly through the air in complete freedoḿ. This former jet ski world champion has quickly become the best-known and most prolific French inventor of his generation.

Nicknamed “the flying man” thanks to his Flyboard®Air, a personal aviation system with which he flew over the Champs-Élysées during the 14 July 2019 parade, he then combined a Formula 1 car with a drone to create the JetRacer®, the world’s very first flying car powered by ten turbines and capable of carrying almost two hundred kilos of cargo through the air.

Now he’s setting himself a new challenge: to create the first flying machine for the general public, called the AirScooter®.

In his workshop in the south of France, Franky Zapata and his team of engineers and mechanics will be doing everything they can to be the first on the international stage to present this revolutionary machine. The film invites you to follow the various key stages in the creation of the AirScooter®, while discovering the man behind the inventor.

Between obstacles, perseverance and visionary genius, immerse yourself in an unprecedented human and technological odyssey in the Zapata workshop!