Face à la Bande

Daily, 52 minutes, 1 season. Format sold in Russia.

Your challenge? Beat the panel our presenter has put together by asking them general knowledge questions you hope they won’t be able to answer.

The panel is made up of journalists, comedians, singers, scientists, or TV stars. They represent all generations and their brains are packed with all types of knowledge. They are said to be unbeatable, but now for the first time, TV viewers will try to trump them with tricky questions.

The panel has four minutes to try to answer. Each viewer who manages to beat our panel with his or her question wins €300. But if the panel gives the right answer, the €300 goes into a jackpot that another viewer can win at the end of the show (in a draw), if he or she manages to identify a mystery image.

Face à la Bande is an original format, created by La Grosse Equipe and called Who Can Beat Them for foreign markets. It has been adapted in Russia for Channel Russia, where it is in its eighth season.