Elton John

The True Story of Rocket Man

Elton John, whose real name is Reginald Kenneth Dwight, is one of the world’s greatest music stars. He alone represents 2% of the world music industry. Everything he touches, performs, or produces turns to gold. This documentary follows the metamorphosis of Reginald, a shy young piano prodigy, into a world superstar. The showman, with his spectacular live performances, colourful costumes, and eccentric outings, delivered hit after hit and left us with sounds that marked the closing decades of the twentieth century. But Elton John is much more than an eccentric billionaire singer. His influence extends far beyond the stage. As early as the 1970s, ahead of his time, he became involved in a struggle that is now more topical than ever: gay rights.

Elton John: The True Story of the Rocket Man explores the darker side of the pop star’s life. Unstable, gifted, megalomaniac, cultured, passionate, drug addicted, committed, over-excited, childlike and brilliant – Elton John is all of these at once. Chris, Frédéric Beigbeder, Alex Jaffray, Pascal Nègre, Yves Bigot, Jean-Claude Jitrois, Grégoire, Marc Cerrone, Michal, Emilie Mazoyer, Christophe Beaugrand, Grégoire Colard, David Lowe, Jacky Jakubovitz, Candice Mahout, Franck Lipsik, Pat Angéli, Sylvain Monier, and Jean-François Bouquet are among the fans, relatives and experts who relate and decipher the many facets of Sir Elton John, the Rocket Man of the 70s who continues to shine today.

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