Corporate division of La Grosse Equipe Audiovisual expertise for companies, brands and public services

Our Assets:

A team of audiovisual experts with 20 years experience in production companies in creative and production positions producing short programmes, reports, TV commercials, web, radio, and podcasts.

A global vision of companies, brands, and institutions.

We offer unique know-how in audiovisual design and production of multi-content short formats: corporate, advertising, and fiction.

Drawing on the human and technical resources of La Grosse Equipe, we provide companies with all the expertise they need to produce programmes for television.

La Grosse Equipe currently produces more than 100 hours of television programs every year.

La Grosse Equipe and Cinéquanon are best known to the general public for their non-scripted programs, reality shows, short programmes, and documentaries for a range of channels including France Télévisions, NRJ12, Canal+, C8, Canal J, Gulli, M6, and TF1.


A network of technicians:

Directors, project managers, journalists, cameramen, editors, 2D/3D graphic designers, and sound mixers make up our multi-talented team.

Our technicians work with institutions, brands, companies and television channels: TF1, M6, France Télévisions, France 24, W9, C8, NRJ12, Canal J, Gulli, CNEWS, and BFMTV.


Our state of mind:

“Cinequanon is not a solution for everyone. It’s a solution for each client.

We never lose sight of the fact that form and content must go hand in hand.”

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We offer analyses, ideas, and production in three main areas:


You explain to us your objective, your media strategy, and your constraints. We provide you with an analysis, creative pitches, and a budget approach. Once you make your choice, we produce and direct and at all times involve you in the various stages: storyboard, casting, sets, shooting, editing, and music. We then deliver “turnkey” advertising ready for immediate use by your clients at television channels and/or web agencies.

We can also produce radio spots, billboards, and short programmes for your brands.



Presentation videos for internal or external use, scripted or in reportage mode.

We provide web content, company newsletters or magazines, video clips, interviews, personal profiles, microbooks, podcasts, question boxes, solutions for Web TV, Youtube, applications, and live streaming that can integrate animations and interactions.

We propose unitary or recurring formats.

As with our advertising, we write, produce, direct, and deliver to the right place.



Training, awareness, explanation, animation: these objectives can sometimes be best achieved through fiction.

We listen and then come back to you with ideas, a note of intention and, if required, proposals on what platforms are best suited to your needs.

We write the film or the episodes, produce, and direct.


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