Chefs : en cuisine et en famille

Some of you have known them from watching the various cooking competitions on television. For others, you have seen them go beyond themselves, work and create incredible cooks. You have loved their personality in the kitchen and their talent as chefs. But do you really know them?

For the very first time, enter the daily lives of 10 exceptional CHEFS!

A prestigious cast that brings together the creme of the creme : the chef of the best restaurant of the world, chefs who have won several stars, pastry chefs, a self-taught chef with an atypical style….

For almost as long as they can remember, these CHEFS have been making a living from their passion and practising a profession of excellence that takes up a lot of their time and energy.

However, they do not forget their family and personal life.

To prove it to us, they have agreed to share their journey, their experiences, their creative and culinary universe, but also their doubts and of course, their success.

CHEFS is an unprecedented immersion in the kitchen of some of the world’s most prestigious gastronomic establishments. A discovery of career paths, of singular personalities who will have to face strong challenges.

Despite the forced closure of their restaurants  for several months, CHEFS is an opportunity to find them at the stove and full of enthusiasm to carry out their very diverse projects: opening a new restaurant, creating a new menu, designing a new “haute couture” pastry, preparing a dinner at the Elysée Palace…

Between moments of stress, pressure, sometimes doubt, but also joy, surprise and emotion, discover the daily life of these CHEFS that you will get to know differently!