Championnes : Familles de footballeurs

For the first time, you will discover the extraordinary daily life of 8 families of high-level footballers. These great players are all known to the general public and play for the most prestigious French or foreign clubs. In this new daily docu-series, their wives have agreed to open the very secret doors of their family life, a life that makes people dream and feeds many fantasies.

They are 8 women, 8 different personalities with one thing in common: they share the life of a professional footballer and support him on a daily basis! Their daily life is envied and yet it doesn’t always look like a fairy tale! This is the first time they will talk about their lives: their role as women, wives, mothers and also businesswomen.

For several weeks, these families will give themselves up in all intimacy: dream trips, extraordinary birthdays, glamorous shootings, charity events, and they will hide nothing from us: meticulous organisation, unforeseen trips and sacrifices. A daily routine punctuated by the competition calendar and their spouse’s transfers… How do they manage to keep up with this frantic pace and reconcile family life, the life of a great sportsman’s wife and their professional project?

With Isabelle Silva, wife of Thiago Silva, former star defender of Paris Saint-Germain, and Majda Sakho, wife of Mamadou Sakho, ex-defender of the France team. They are joined by Elodie Mavuba, wife of Rio Mavuba, retired player and figure of the Girondins de Bordeaux and Lille. With Tiziri Digne, wife of Lucas Digne, Sarah Dossevi, wife of Matthieu Dossevi (ex-player of Le Mans, Valenciennes, FC Metz and Toulouse) and Joana Mendes, companion of Montpellier defender Pedro Mendes. Finally, Cindy Lecomte, in a relationship with Benjamin Lecomte, and Lucie Kakuta, wife of Gaël Kakuta, complete the list of participants.

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