Carla & Kevin : The time of reconciliation

  • Season 2 – Carla & Kevin : The time of reconciliation

Since their magical wedding in Courchevel, Carla and Kevin are still on a small cloud of love. Saying “yes” for life surrounded by their loved ones has revived in the hearts, the absence of some … 10 years that Carla cut ties with her father. But today, she feels ready to find him for the happiness of her little girl Ruby. Kevin also wants to settle the grudges with his best friend, to whom he no longer speaks… Because family and friends have a very important place in the Guedj family… In Marseille, the time of reconciliation has come!

  • Season 1 – Carla & Kevin : The Wedding 

Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj, a love story like no other. It was born in 2016 in front of millions of viewers in a reality show on the other side of the world. It was in South Africa! He, nicknamed “the jaguar” by his adventure buddies, had immediately fallen under the spell of the young Carla, 18. It was in Marseille, at home and surrounded by their loved ones, that Kevin and Carla chose to say “yes” for life. Then, they headed to Courchevel for a wedding under the snow with nearly 300 guests who are not at the end of their surprises… For the most beautiful day of their lives, Carla and Kevin saw things in big! Wedding over several days, magical decoration, incredible surprises, prestigious guests… Will the wedding of their dreams take place as they had imagined?

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