Presented by Michelin-starred chef Marc Veyrat and Frédérique Courtadon, Ca Chauffe en Cuisine is a passionate talk show about what we eat and how we eat it. Marc Veyrat leads the dance as a team of top critics gather to share culinary delights. These lovers of food –  Pierre Hermé, Périco Légasse, Hugo Desnoyer, Flora Mikula, Raphaëlle Marchal, Philippe Poulachon, Gabrielle Vizzavona and Jean-Bernard Magescas – then engage in debate and duels, share jokes and tips, and provide a host of anecdotes about what goes on behind the scenes in kitchens. In short, a strong dose of love and good food, shared without moderation. In the spirit of Les Grandes Gueules, this weekly talk show is different, entertaining, controversial, and will teach you what you won’t learn elsewhere. The format: two debates, one trick of the trade, one duel, and one tasting session.