Anything Goes

An off-the-wall variety show with its famous tilted set (a set angled at 22.5 degrees). A bunch of well-known celebrities – comedians, singers, TV hosts, or actors – face a series of challenges in which they have to mime, dance, or improvise. But there are no winners or losers – the only aim is to have fun!

Broadcast on TF1 as a late show and in primetime. More than 200 shows already aired. A major success in all target audiences (up to 45 % market share among housewives, and more than 50 % among 15/24 year-olds). Already adapted or being adapted in 30 countries around the world (among them Portugal, Spain, Mexico, USA, Australia, and Denmark). Distributed by Shine International.


  • The 2017, 2018 and 2019 Season’s Entertainment Prize awarded by Puremedias’ TV NOTES, in partnership with 20 Minutes and RTL.
  • Export Format 2014 Award by TV France International and La Fabrique des Formats.
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