Adam Recherche Eve

A man and a woman go on an incredible adventure in search of love. They meet on a deserted paradise island. Without clothes or make-up, in a Garden of Eden, our intrepid singletons will have nothing to hide and will have to be their true selves. Just the naked truth. They will have to seduce each other in the simplest manner. Unhappy relationships or hang-ups have often thwarted their quest for true love. Now by giving up everything, even their clothes, they will complete their quest. But the experiment may hold many surprises. Will they be able to find love without any false pretence? It promises to be an original and experimental approach to seduction in which the participants can hide nothing.

In each episode, a man and a woman in search of love are left on the island. They have been selected using matchmaking methods based on their preferences. Once they have had their first encounter, the couple sets out to discover the island and find provisions and the hut where Adam and Eve will spend three days together. During the course of the episode, a new Adam or Eve will land on the island unexpectedly, confusing the original couple and expanding the range of possibilities.

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