Satisfaction Group, France’s leading independent television production company

Satisfaction Group, thanks to its various production companies, produces more than 1,000 hours of TV Shows every year for all the broadcasters, in all the slots, and for all audiences.

Our unique expertise on the French market as well as the know-how of our teams to create new formats enable us to offer a very wide spectrum of creations, ranging from “shiny-floor” entertainment to reality TV, including documentaries, magazines, gameshows and factual, but always in a creative spirit.

Our skills also extend to other program genres such as fiction, live performance, digital and institutional.

Our agility, our flexibility and our acute knowledge of the French and international market also allow us to adapt and broadcast successful foreign formats in France as well as the export of our major brands to nearly 40 countries in the world.

July 2020 marked a new stage in the growth of Satisfaction Group with the acquisition of the French operations of Sony Pictures Television; Sony Pictures Television Production and Starling, specialised in the production of game and entertainment programs. At the same time Satisfaction partnered with Sony Pictures Television to benefit from the exclusive access to its catalogue of non scripted formats in France, and internationally from the power of its distribution network to export its formats.

We also share privileged partnerships with key players internationally:

July 2021 marks the creation of a joint venture in France with John de Mol and his company Talpa.

March 2023: Acquisition of a stake in Yes Yes Media, a company created by Richard Bacon, alongside Elisabeth Murdoch and her company Sister Media, as well as the conclusion of a partnership with Richard Bacon on format creation.

2023 is also the year when Satisfaction forms joint Venture with James Corden’s Fulwell 73 Productions.

November 2023 marks the creation of Satisfaction Iberia to develop, adapt and produce mainly unscripted content for Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American markets, and reaching production agreements worldwide. This new collaboration will allow Satisfaction Iberia to benefit from the creative and international impulse of Satisfaction Group.

2024 strengthens Satisfaction’s international expansion with global content producer & distributor Keshet International through a multi-territory agreement to form a creative alliance in the development of non-scripted formats space.

Inventiveness is at the heart of our philosophy as well as our very particular focus to changes in our profession and to its increasingly complex challenges.

Satisfaction Group is now made up of several companies:

  • Satisfaction – The Television Agency (Visual Suspect, District Z, The Tourists, Anything goes, Stars Under Hypnosis…)
  • Satisfy, formerly Sony Pictures Television France and Starling (Y’A Pas D’Erreur?, The Newlywed Game, Le Grand Concours, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Dragons’ Den …)
  • AH! Production (Love Trip, Titanic: Building the World’s Largest Ship, Quelle Sera La Meilleure Danse Folklorique de France ?, Mamans et Célèbres, The Villa of Broken Hearts, The Battle of the Couples…)
  • Enibas Productions (Le Quiz Des Champions, Au Bout de l’Enquête, Météo à la carte …)
  • Ellimac Productions (Stereo Club, Family Feud, Et Alors ?, Welcome Back, Camille & Images)
  • La Grosse Equipe (Les Anges de la téléréalité, Influences …)
  • Alef One (Carlos Ghosn – The Last Flight, Adieu Ma Honte, R.IP, Le Nounou…)
  • Satisfaction Iberia
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Our Values

Despite exponential growth in recent years, we remain a company on a human scale. Proud of our independent status, we are first and foremost a boutique production company where the values of mutual aid and sharing shape our culture.

Our DNA is based on four pillars: excellence, creativity, innovation and agility which allow us to anticipate the market expectations.

Getting out of our comfort zone and being open-minded: this is what allows us to surpass ourselves every day!

Our motto is “Content First”.

Code of ethics

We pay particular attention to professional ethics in the conduct of our activities. Maintaining a relationship guided by trust, respect and loyalty between teams but also with third parties is essential to preserve the positive dynamic that characterizes us. This is why we have adopted an ethics charter detailing the principles and fundamental rules applicable within Satisfaction Group.
227 Original Creations
1000 Hours per year
364 Product Formats
In 31 countries