Satisfaction Group, France’s leading independent television production company

Satisfaction Group, through its subsidiaries, produces around 1,000 hours of programmes every year that are broadcast on all the country’s television channels, suit all slots, and cater for every type of audience.

We draw on our unique expertise in the French market and on our teams’ savoir-faire to provide a plethora of productions that range from shiny-floor shows to reality TV, from documentaries to magazine shows, from game shows to storytelling programmes.

Our skills extend to other genres such as fiction, live performance, and digital and corporate contents.

Our creativity and deep knowledge of the French and international market also enable us to adapt successful formats from abroad for the domestic market, and to export our major brands to around 40 countries.

Inventiveness is at the heart of our philosophy. We also pay particular attention to the changes in our industry and the increasingly complex challenges these bring, and how to innovate in reaction.

July 2020 marks a new stage in the growth of Satisfaction Group with the acquisition of the French operations of Sony Pictures Television; Sony Pictures Television France and Starling. These companies specialise in the production of game and entertainment programs for TF1, France Télévisions and M6 with emblematic shows such as “The Newlywed Game”, “Brainiest”, Who wants to be a millionaire”, “Dragon’s Den”.

At the same time, Satisfaction The Television Agency partnered with Sony Pictures Television to benefit from the exclusive access to its catalogue of non scripted formats in France, and internationally from the power of its distribution network to export its formats.

Our values

We are a company on a human scale, and above all a family business whose culture is shaped by the values of sharing and mutual support.

Excellence, creativity, innovation and agility form our DNA and enable us to anticipate market trends.

We aim to be open-minded and like being challenged out of our comfort zone.

These are the guiding principles that let us excel each and every day.

Our leitmotiv is “Content First”.

Code of ethics

SATISFACTION Group’s code of ethics serves as our guide to ethical and responsible business conduct in our daily work. Acting in accordance the values of trust, integrity and loyalty is essential to sustain our development and keep our enthusiasm in taking on new challenges. This code sets forth the basis standards and principles applicable within Satisfaction Group which has always strived to do business in a fair, honest and ethical way.

227 Original Creations
1000 Hours per year
364 Product Formats
In 31 countries