Giuseppe Ristorante

You loved it in Who Wants to Marry My Son, now the most famous Italian macho and his unavoidable mother Marie-France are back for another exceptional adventure on NRJ 12!

But this time it’s the whole family you’re going to discover! All together, they’re going to set off to conquer Miami to run a restaurant for several weeks… Italian of course!

To do this, they are supported by 7 waiters and waitresses: Anthony, Jessica, Nikky, Nicolas, Pietro, Sophie and Amandine. The family is housed in a luxurious villa in Miami with all the waiters, Marie-France’s idea of course to keep an eye on her employees! But the cohabitation promises to be eventful!

The owner of the establishment makes the crazy bet of entrusting the keys to the family because he has to go abroad for a few weeks. Each member of the family then gets involved!

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