Familles d’Agriculteurs

Among the 400,000 farms in France, immerse yourself in the colorful daily life of 12 French and Belgian farming families. Between personal challenges and professional issues, they open the doors of their farms, but also of their hearts!
What they have in common is that they are famous in their region, and sometimes even throughout France! Because of their uniqueness, because they have participated in reports or television shows, because they are stars of social networks, they have managed to stand out.

Their jobs are diverse and varied, farmers, wine growers, breeders, foresters, but all of them live off their land and are entrepreneurs. With all the difficulties that this entails: financial problems, weather, ecological disasters, accidents, broken down machines or sick animals. They will have to redouble their efforts, or even find strategies to save their farm, which some of them have inherited for 500 years!
Between joy, education of the children and strong moments in their lives, we will follow their stories in real time and total immersion. In a difficult time, in times of COVID, where everything is questioned and where agriculture is the center of much attention, and sometimes tumultuous debates, our farming families are ready to take on any challenge!

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