Au Cœur du MMA

MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, is a global phenomenon. This sport discipline, which combines martial arts, boxing and wrestling, is shaking up the world of sports today.

In France, the MMA Factory is one of the largest MMA clubs in the country, with a transmission method based on sharing and teaching. At the school, the presence of real champions enables apprentice MMA practitioners to grasp the discipline in all its excellence.

“Au cœur du MMA” is the first original documentary series to follow the athletes who train in the dojo of this factory of champions!

In particular, we meet THE star of the moment Ciryl Gane, the first French competitor to win a UFC belt, as well as young prodigy Baki, who trains there prior to his victorious match against Cédric Doumbé in the PFL octagon at the Accor Arena, a sporting event that set the web ablaze.

In this singular school, there are seasoned fighters as well as amateurs, men, women, teenagers and even children! Athletes with different backgrounds, like Rizlen Zouak, 3-time African judo champion and rising MMA star, but also Xavier, a young boxing champion who crossed Europe to join the school, and 12-year-old Gayané, who already sees herself at the top of the bill!

For three months, the doors of the MMA Factory open to let us discover their careers, their daily lives, their training sessions, their successes and also their defeats. Supported by their friends and family, these athletes share their passion for a sport that promotes the values of self-transcendence, discipline, effort and respect for one’s opponent.

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