WADA7 breaks all the records


We are a pioneer and the leader in the MENA region of positive content

Producing cross-country entertainment & online only content in arabic with global reach

Engaging and connecting with the most diverse and socially active generation

WADA7 is the Leading entertainment and positive Digital Media In Arabic Language in the MENA region

A powerful platform offering a large, diverse and young audience with positive content to provide a different vision of the Arab World, and a great opportunity to drive partner’s brand awareness in MENA and leverage intel gathered through data

Strategic competitive position in a market with high-barriers of entry

Experienced leadership and journalist team that is well-connected to the MENA region and the young population

100% arabic

Pan-Arabic positioning, videos produced with Arabic subtitles and focused on topics of interest to young Arabs.

100% millenials

Viral, fun, and entertaining, our videos are primarily designed for mobile use.

100% digital

Social media distribution mostly on Facebook, but also on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat.