WADA7 breaks all the records

According to the latest Facebook statistics, Wada7 has registered fresh record growth with 4,7 billion views and more than 14,5 million subscribers on all its Facebook pages (Wada7 Arabic, Wada7 France, Wada7 Sport, Wada7 Africa, Wada7 Lifestyle, Wada7 Buzz, Wada7 KSA). These impressive numbers have enabled Wada7 to stay ahead of its competitors in the Middle East North Africa region.

2020 is also the year when Wada7 launched Snapchat and TikTok accounts to target the millennials of the Arab world.

Wada7 also has five vertical Facebook pages :

Wada7 Buzz : LOL & gags videos.

Wada7 Lifestyle : culture, celebrities.

Wada7 Sport : sports news videos.

Wada7 KSA : viral videos from and about Saudi Arabia.

Wada7 France : entertainment videos targeting the French-speaking public.

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