Christmas Stories

The countdown to an unforgettable Christmas

Lucie Rigatoni, a desperate housewife in her sumptuously decorated house, comes upon Instagrammer Leïla Dumoment, who organises the “Most Beautiful Christmas” neighbourhood competition. Lucie seizes the opportunity to finally showcase her talent as an interior designer to the world, and more importantly to insert some glamour into her somewhat humdrum life. From this moment on only one thing matters: to win AT ALL COSTS, even if it means dragging all of those close to her into an unhinged spiral of sparkling excess.As Christmas approaches, with its usual mounting stress and hysteria, Lucie will have to bend over backwards to make this particular season perfect… or at least to act as if it were … Christmas Stories shows us what happens when all of the excitement, the pent-up frustration, the failed aspiration, the old family conflicts, combine and reach their crescendo.